Something Old, Something New... 

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”.  
Many of our brides ask us about the rhyme so we thought it would be great to write some of our advice for you to help you with ideas to check all of this off in time for the big day! 
This is one of many bridal traditions and it originates from an old English rhyme and the four objects are supposes to bring good luck on the day to ensure a strong and happy marriage. Each item symbolises something… 
Something old represents continuity or protection for your first/next baby. 
Something new offers optimism for the future 
Something borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness. Some say that the item should be borrowed from another happy bride to pass on their good luck. 
Something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity 
And a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity, although some brides miss this part out. 
Kate Middleton’s wedding dress used “old” designs for her dress, using lace techniques from the 19th Century for her “something old”, she had a blue bow sewn inside her dress for her “somthing blue”. Her “something new” was a pair of diamond earrings and her amazing tiara was made by Cartier which she borrowed from the Queen. 
This should be a fun activity and not something to stress over, even if you have one or two of the elements its a lovely gesture. Some of them are very easy to achieve too! 
Something old… This could be something you already own, maybe something your fiancé bought you once and means a lot, perhaps you are already wearing an engagement ring that was passed down from your fiancé’s family? This could also be a wonderful opportunity to remember someone who couldn’t make it on your big day, you could add a photo to a locket to add to your bouquet? Maybe some lace or material from your nan's wedding dress to wrap around the bouquet? We have been asked to special custom alterations to be made to the bride’s wedding dress with a little something to keep that special person near. We had a bride who’s brother was in the forces so she had a patch of his forces uniform (which was also blue), we cut it into a heart and sewed it to the inside of her dress by her heart. We have also sourced a lady to cross stitch a little picture and “Dad” underneath so a bride could still have her dad walk her down the aisle. We can also make a small pocket inside the dress to keep a special trinket or charm close. If you still can’t think of something old that you would like to wear, how about asking your seamstress to sew the wedding dates of your parents into the inside of the dress (in blue perhaps) as there is nothing older than the history of love! 
Something new… This could be very easy if you are wearing a brand new wedding dress! Some brides want something additionally for this. This could be a gorgeous new hair accessory or jewellery and perhaps you could suggest to a family member that this could be one of your wedding gifts? 
Your wedding dress, your shoes, your veil and hair accessory and jewellery would all count! 
Something borrowed… This is a very tricky one, probably the hardest of the them all. It should be easy, just borrow something someone else wore to their wedding. But times change, styles change. Everyone has items that match their dress, and their wedding ideas and theme, the chances of them matching exactly what you want are very slim. My best advice is - thank everyone for offering to lend you their gorgeous items and that you will take them with you to try with the dress to see if it goes. That way you are not making any promises. 
Shoes are a great thing to borrow if you are the same size as a previous bride. It will mean they will more than likely be beautiful wedding shoes, they will be worn in and wedding ready, and if your dress is long it will cover them, hiding any slight imperfections. 
Borrow a bridal handbag! 
Perhaps you are hiring something to wear, like a hoop for your dress? 
You could borrow a charm or a piece of jewellery or a brooch and if you don’t want to wear it you could attach it to your bouquet! 
You could be crafty and “borrow” someone’s lipstick to wear for the day. 
Something blue… There are lots of lovely ways you can add your something blue to your dress discreetly. 
We stock Richard Designs shoes and they now all carry a small little blue gem stone on the bottom of the shoe. 
You could in fact just wear some blue shoes, lighter blue for a dreamy look, darker or brighter for a more statement look. 
You could buy one of our gorgeous garters which all have a blue element. 
As mentioned before you could have a blue ribbon sewn inside the dress or initials, a small picture or a blue button. 
A silver sixpence in your shoe… This sounds awfully painful and unless you have a member of your family with a sixpence, how can you complete the saying? Not everyone honours this part but you could give the task of finding a sixpence to your mum or a bridesmaid as one of their “duties”. They do sell them online if you get really stuck but it might be a fun day out to discover some treasures in local markets, charity shops or carboot sales. Most of my brides have either glued or taped the coin to the bottom of their shoe, I have even seen someone have it attached to their shoe like a charm which was very pretty. 
There are so many traditions and superstitions with weddings and we can’t keep to them all but view this as a fun activity, maybe a good bonding activity with your maids. Don’t worry if you can’t find a way of including all the items, have fun and enjoy keeping a old tradition alive. If there is an idea you have that we can help you with, let us know. We love a project! 

Kelly and Paul 

"I started looking for my dress a year before the wedding in August in Torquay which is where we spent a lot of our first dates (10 years ago). 
I saw a beautiful lace dress by Maggie Sottero in Brides at Waterfields in the sales.  
I wore it with a mantilla lace veil by Richard Designs and a pearl side headpiece & lace peep toe shoes by Rainbow Club.  
I would highly recommend this bridal store, they always made me feel at ease and were so friendly.  
The dress looked better at each fitting thanks to the expertise of the ladies." 
"Our wedding day was on a gorgeous summer weekend in August at the Deer Park Country House Hotel.  
Our ceremony took place in the garden outside the summerhouse in the beautiful grounds. We had exclusive use for the day so that all our family and guests could relax and enjoy the gorgeous grounds.  
The day exceeded all of my expectations and the weather was gorgeous!" 
"The Deer Park staff dressed the venue beautifully and were very professional and it was a truly magical setting! 
I stayed at the deer parks new self catering house the night before and got ready there the morning of the wedding. We stayed in the deer parks tree house the night of the wedding which was magical." 
"My bridesmaids were a great support for me all the way through and also my husband did play a part in the organising and was always there for second opinions but generally trusted me to create and plan the day. 
My theme was a vintage/shabby chic theme with lots of lace. 
I'd highly recommend 'Bekki's Bakes' cakes in Honiton, we had a beautiful floral lace cake. I would also highly recommend our videographer 'Zandie Thornton' in Honiton who captured the day so well. 'Changing Faces' makeup artists were brilliant.  
We had Blackdown Photobooths who were great entertainment, Exe Bouncy Castles and a sweet buffet table." 
"The Deer Park staff did an outstanding job of dressing the venue, it was even nicer than I'd imagined it to look. Dillys florist created beautiful flower arrangements and the bouquets were gorgeous! I myself put together the favours, table centerpieces, table plan & decor which was nice to have my own personal touches on the day." 
"I had 3 bridesmaids - my 2 best friends and my sister. And my 2 daughters were flower girls.  
The wedding & reception was at the Deer Park, the reception was in the orangery which was lovely. The weather was gorgeous all day. 
Our first dance was Ed Sheeran, Tenerife Sea - a beautiful song. 
I'm very glad we managed to budget for a video in the end as it is so nice being able to watch the day after as it does go so quickly." 
"Thank you's... Our parents and bridesmaids 
were a great help to us and I'd like to thank  
the ladies at Brides at Waterfields for  
helping me find the perfect dress." 

Tiffany and Timothy 

"Well, well, well...where do I begin? 
The plans for the big day had just started and like most brides my mind was on the perfect dress to make me feel like a princess! Before I got to be bridezilla with my own dress I decided to sort out my four beautiful bridesmaids first!  
After hunting online for weeks looking for the colours I desperately wanted for these girls, I came across the Dessy Collection. After looking into more detail I found that Brides at Waterfields stocked these exact dresses! After one phone call we were all booked in to take a look..." 

" I needed it! It was definitely the one..." 

"From the second I walked into the shop I fell in love! The dresses where simply amazing and the ladies where so helpful! In the corner of my eye I saw the most beautiful wedding dress hung on the hanger! Well, the bridesmaid dresses had been picked, it would be rude for me not to try on the prettiest wedding gown in the world! So within minutes Gemma helped me into the dress and instantly I fell in love ❤ It was a fish tail wedding gown, with the most beautiful train. I needed it, it was definitely the one!  
Both ladies were more helpful than you could ever imagine."
"The day we got the phone call to say the dresses had arrived was so exciting. We couldn't wait to get down and try them on. Not only were the dresses perfect but they arrived in great time. My bridesmaids looked outstanding, breath taking and damn right gorgeous ❤ Gemma then helped me choose a veil, and the most comfortable shoes in the world! I couldn't thank the ladies enough for all the hard work and outstanding customer service! They were always on the end of the phone for any queries I had, they never minded me popping in for anything. Without the help from these two fabulous ladies, my wedding day wouldn't have been the same. Most brides worry and fret about choosing their dress, but with this pair to help and guide you it is a walk in the park. So relaxed and friendly..." 

"Its all about the love you have for the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with!" 

"Once the dresses were found and suits hired the planning was in full swing. We decided to make as much as possible ourselves. We made everything from favours where we grew our own plants, made a card box, my Mother in Law even made all of our chair covers and table runners. This kept the cost down massively rather than hiring. We used a fabulous florist that works from home. Her name is Melanie and she was great, so helpful and kind! We wanted a traditional wedding, so decided to get married at Ipplepen church then the reception took place at Dainton golf club. The staff there were amazing. Again they couldn't help enough and sorted everything for us! The food was fab too..." 

"The day flies by and you don't want to miss a thing..." 

"Luckily for me I work as a hairdresser. So my boss did all the ladies in the wedding parties hair on the big day. We all went into the salon and it was great fun! I had a lady called Chelsea Burrows do our makeup and she was so professional. We had a trial run with her and loved her makeup styling. So elegant and not too heavy. Just what we wanted...  
A huge tip I have for any 'bride-to-be' is to relax, take time to step back and look at all the hard work you and your husband have done. The day flies by and you don't want to miss a thing & remember, it's your day. Its all about the love you have for the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with!" 
"Our first dance...we chose Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea.. but with a twist! My eldest sister (Head Bridesmaid) sang it for us. She is amazing and I was super proud of her. Not only did my sister sing the song but I also had a father daughter dance. It started off slow before we broke into a rockabilly jive! Amazing! " 
"We decided to spend our honey moon in Cape Verde. It was so perfect. Very hot and such an unspoilt island full of great things to do and see! We travelled with Thompson and they where brilliant and when we mentioned it was a honeymoon we were given extra upgrades at the hotel... bonus!" 
"I can't thank you both enough for all your effort and help to make my big day so great and helped us ladies look so beautiful! 
Brides at Waterfields are by far the best bridal shop in world ❤ 
Thank you ladies for helping me feel so special on my wedding day..." 
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