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Welcome to blog number one on our new website.  We endeavour to write blogs which include stories from brides, new things happening in store and new trends in Bridal.

We have just returned from Harrogate Bridal Show which is a trade show for all the bridal shops over the UK and beyond.  Its a real highlight of our year as we get to search for those special dresses you will be wearing over the next couple of years.  Its also a lovely opportunity to spend some mother and daughter time together.  The show happens every September and we stay in a little B&B in a twin room.  All of our makeup, hair products and notebooks everywhere and we spent the evenings watching the launch of Strictly Come Dancing and other rubbish TV.

The first day we like to wake up to a full English breakfast and head straight to Maggie Sottero’s show.  They are the only designer that are totally private unless you are a stockist.  I guess the reason they do this is because Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram dresses are at the very forefront of where bridal trends and fashion are heading.

We arrived so early that we were the first there so Mum took a sneaky pic of me pretending to be a model on the catwalk…  I won’t give up my day job!  They have one side of the room blocked off with a catwalk and
chairs and the other side with rails of all the brand new Maggie Sottero dresses.  Like our brides, its hard to know what the dresses really look like until they are seen on a real person so we were excited to see that they had flown over one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen – Liris Crosse – who has modelled all
over the world and appeared on Project Runway.

Later we went to see our friends at Venus Bridal and found some gorgeous dresses and also spent time visiting designers we don’t currently carry to see if we were missing out.  There are HUNDREDS of collections being featured and as each shop in an area of the country has exclusivity they have to pick the best designers they can find.  Maggie Sottero is my out and out favourite designer and always finds ways of surprising us with loveable little details and not only are the dresses absolutely gorgeous, they are very reasonably priced.  All of our dresses retail under £1500 and we find that most Maggie’s sit comfortably around the £1000 – £1200 mark.  Sometimes we will get carried away and there will be a dress at the top end of our price range that we must have!

Before we left the show that day we went back to listen to Wayne, the CEO of Maggie Sottero tell us his story.  I think I will leave the story for another day but its so wonderful how such a hugely sought after bridal wear designer started off so small and so bravely started doing something that shook the bridal world!  I will tell the story, I promise but my fingers are aching as I’m typing!

We go for some lovely dinners in Harrogate.  If you are looking for somewhere to go for a long weekend, its so stunning there.

The last day (Monday) we bought the most incredible veils and hair accessories from Richard Designs (all handmade in the UK) and we discovered “Ivory and Co” where we picked up very delicate jewellery sets for the shop – exactly what many brides have asked us for.  We were almost done for the day when we ventured to Justin Alexander and found the most FABULOUS low cost range of dresses which all retail between £650-£850 and are amazing, you must come in and see them!

Such a successful trip and a lot of fun.  Can’t wait for everything to arrive in January!

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