How to choose the perfect dress.

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How to choose the perfect dress.

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Here at Waterfields we will regularly advertise our price points, our great range of dresses, the sizes we carry and that is all very helpful when you are trying to find your dream dress.  Book an appointment with a boutique that shows wedding dresses that excite you.  If the wedding dresses are exciting in the photos then you will have a fun time trying dresses on.  Maybe list the names of some of the wedding dresses you like.  Here in our Torquay boutique we have a huge range of dresses, usually between 100-150.  We also have a dedicated plus size range and also a petite wedding dress range.  

Once you book into your appointment you can start to get excited and invite your guests.   We have a lovely, warm, Covid-safe boutique in the heart of Torbay with rails of wedding gowns so you will have plenty of choice and nothing to worry about.  We will sit down and have a chat with you and then its time to get started.  

Its best to try on different silhouettes and fabrics.  If you fall in love with a lace fishtail, maybe just quickly try on a satin ballgown just to make sure.  Have a look at these points and think about these when you are standing in your dress…

  • Is this dress exciting?
  • Can I imagine walking down the aisle?
  • Will my partner think I’m beautiful?
  • How does my wedding dress make me feel?
  • Can I imagine those big wedding photos on the wall?
  • Do I feel like me?

Remember to really focus on what you like, and what makes you feel fantastic. Some brides make the mistake of bringing people with them that perhaps aren’t focused on their needs and wants and can make the experience a little disappointing. Make it clear from the start the type of dress you want, or what you love and are not keen on so that everyone is on the same page and can support you and ensure you are picking the best dresses for your vision.

Its not unusual for members of your party to have contrasting views and opinions but if you have brought your best cheerleaders with you, you will have an amazing time and that special dress will just feel right, and different from the others.

If you feel like you want to celebrate then that is a great sign that you are ready to “Say Yes to the Dress”!

If you would like to start your wedding dress shopping, then book into our Torquay boutique by calling 01803 294411 or email or go to our contact us page.