What should I expect when coming to look at bridesmaid dresses?

*We have over 50 samples of bridesmaid dresses in sizes 6-24 including some maternity, and flower girls. There are hundreds of colour options and you can physically see the colours to give you peace of mind.

Do I need an appointment to look at bridesmaid dresses?

*Yes, it’s a good idea. If you would like to come in on your own to have an initial chat without your bridesmaids to start with, it’s quite nice to explore options and get some inspiration. If you would like to dive right in with a trying on session with your girls, we recommend booking a one-hour appointment. Be aware that Saturdays are often booked up in advance.

What type of price range are your dresses, on average?

*We have a great plan set up where the more dresses you buy, the price goes down. This includes the flower girl dresses too. On average our brides spend between £180-£250 per dress. There are of course better discounts when you are ordering more dresses. We also have our twist multiway dresses which start at around £120 per dress.

My bridesmaids live all over the place, only one lives locally. What do I do?

*This is much more common than you would think. We recommend booking an appointment with as many of your bridesmaids as you can. Maybe shortlist two or three options and send the images to your other girls to choose which style they like and take that into account. We always like to measure the girls ourselves but we can connect with the other bridesmaids and explain how to measure correctly so it will ensure the best possible fit.

Will the dresses fit perfectly when they arrive?

*Probably not. We do not believe in made-to-measure. Women’s shapes and sizes differ so much and fluctuate leading up to the big day and made-to-measure if done properly is very expensive. Expect to have them altered, we can suggest local seamstresses in Torbay, Newton Abbot and Plymouth. We also offer an extra length option for your taller bridesmaids which keeps the dresses looking luxurious.

I can buy similar dresses online or on the high street for cheaper, what is the difference?

*We stock the world’s leading bridesmaid dress designers. They ensure consistency and quality and have amazing customer service and we are bridesmaid dress experts. We can guarantee that the colour will be the same on all of the dresses and will match the swatch you receive and will be the same as the sample you have seen in-store.

Online – If you are not too picky about the bridesmaid dresses and wish to save money in that area then maybe online is worth the risk. Be aware that a lot of these websites have fake positive reviews and the dresses are not returnable. If you order one as a trial, it’s very unlikely that the others will look similar to the first one.

High street – This is a great budget option, you may not have a great selection of colour options and perhaps the quality is not going to be as good but we have seen a handful of good results that suited the theme of the wedding. Very good for very small weddings where it is perhaps not quite as formal. Just consider that the high street is the go-to place for your guests to buy their dresses and we have heard of brides ending up with an additional bridesmaid by accident!

Other benefits with bridesmaids dress from Brides at Waterfields…

*A warm, inviting environment for your bridesmaids to enjoy a special moment trying on bridesmaid dresses in our exclusive boutique with large, private changing room.
*We can get the gentlemen’s accessories to exactly match your bridesmaid dresses (from Dessy Group). We offer ties, bow ties, cravats and skinny ties with pocket squares and also little boy’s bowties!

*You will have the stress removed as we take care of the dresses, they are steamed and pressed when they arrive and we store them at the shop until you are ready to take them for alterations.

*You only need to pay 50% to get them ordered and the other 50% is payable when they arrive in store.

There are options out there for every budget but we feel that your chosen girls are special too. We want them to have a dress that makes them feel amazing. Although we are not the cheapest option (or the most expensive) we understand that your bridesmaids will be standing next to you in your bridal gown for most of the day, will feature in a lot of the photographs, they will help theme the whole wedding and are practically your accessories to compliment your dress.

Although the wedding is just one day, your pictures are forever.

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